Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dupe Alert!

Dupe Alert!! Today as i was picking out polish for a St.Pattys Day Mani i noticed that i had a dupe that i never noticed...... Sinful Colors- Innocent and China Glaze- Def Defying. Sinful Colors costs $1.99 but you can find sales on them all the time and China Glaze can cost from $3-$8 depending where you go  (Sallys $5/6)

                                             Left: Sinful Colors and Right: China Glaze
This is China Glaze- Def Defying. Its a bright lime green from the Cirque Du Soleil Collection

Sinful Colors- Innocent

Here they are side by side. In the bottle Def Defying is a slightly darker green but on the nail they are identical!

So if you've been wanting Def Defying and haven't wanted to splurge i would just go snag a bottle of Sinful Colors- Innocent! Hope this is helpful and saves you some money!! :)

XOXO Tabitha


  1. Sinful Colors has some very nice colors, and they're so cheap, you can't go wrong, lol! Pretty! I'm a new follower, hope you will follow me back on my blog! : )

    1. Yes they do and they had quite a few dupes for higher end products that i cant bring myself to buy so its a steal! Aww welcome and thanks for the love! i will go follow right now hun! :)